Membership Levels and Rewards Program Rules


Membership Level Explanation

MAGFORCE website members enjoy bonus point rewards, accumulation, and redemption. Meeting the upgrade requirements automatically upgrades your membership level.

The benefits of higher membership levels include receiving point rewards on birthdays and upgrades, as well as enjoying increased points back on purchases.


Membership Level Upgrade and Renewal Conditions

Upon registration, all members start as General Members for a lifetime.
Steel Friend: Single purchase of NTD 5,000 or annual cumulative expenditure of NTD 10,000.
Golden Knight: Single purchase of NTD 10,000 or annual cumulative expenditure of NTD 20,000.
Membership levels are valid for 365 days. To maintain the same level, members must meet the same spending conditions within the validity period.


How to Earn Bonus Points

1. Upon registration, members receive 100 points as a welcome gift.

2. Purchase Rewards: Earn 5 points for every NTD 100 spent. Golden Knight members earn 7 points for every NTD 100 spent.
*Example: Spend 1550 NTD to earn 75 points, or as a Golden Knight member, earn 105 points.

3. Membership Bonus: Steel Friend and above: Receive 100 birthday points and 100 upgrade points. Golden Knight: Additionally, get 150 upgrade points.
*Point rewards may vary during promotions.

Redeeming Bonus Points

1 point =1 NTD, the maximum redemption is 15% of the total order amount.

*For example, if the order amount is 1000 NTD, you can use 150 points to redeem, resulting in an actual payment of 850 NTD (excluding shipping fees).


Bonus Points Expiry

Only registered members can accumulate and redeem bonus points.
Birthday gift points are valid for 30 days. Other points are valid for 365 days from the date of issuance.


Membership and Bonus Points Guidelines

  1. Membership and bonus points are applicable only on the MAGFORCE official website, not in physical stores or other platforms.
  2. The website doesn't support overseas orders, so the membership and rewards does not apply to overseas customers.
  3. Promotional discounted items, limited edition products, and other special offers are not eligible for loyalty point redemption.
  4. Purchase reward points are issued 10 days after shipment, not on the order creation date.
  5. Birthday points are issued on the 1st day of the month and are valid for 30 days.
  6. Returned orders do not earn bonus points, and redeemed points will be manually refunded.
  7. Points cannot be used for shipping, taxes, cash exchange, or transferred.
  8. Contact us for any issues or discrepancies with points due to system errors.
  9. MAGFORCE reserves the right to modify or terminate the bonus points policy without notice.
  10. Violation of terms may result in cancellation of membership and disqualification from using bonus points.


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