If you share our business philosophy and are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us to discuss the following cooperation opportunities:

1. Sponsorship of Bags

We offer bag loans/sponsorship for exposure activities such as film festivals, social media unboxing, outdoor PR events, etc.


2.Bulk Purchases for Events:

We offer bulk purchases and partial customization for events, such as corporate events.


3.Cross-Promotion on Platforms

We offer short-term limited-time offers of Magforce backpacks for promotional events at your booth or platform.


4.Co-Branded Products

We offer joint brand development, sales, or custom co-branded labels.



5. Distribution Partners

Please provide us with your company and contact information, and send your requirements to our email.

The information we need is as follows:ㅤ
◾ Company Name
◾ Contact Person
◾ Email Address
◾ Phone Number
◾ Brand Name (if have)
◾ Physical Address (Please provide a link to Google Map)
◾ Sales region (such as USA)
◾ Sales Channel: Physical store/ online store/ both
◾ Website:  Company or online shopping website
◾ Describe your partnership needs or sales information/ marketing plans

We welcome other marketing cooperation proposals, and look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Email: magforce652@gmail.com

Contact Person: Miss Chiu

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