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Start-up Spirit: A small shop providing men with taste in treasure hunting


  • Magforce’s pioneering spirit stems from “ a small shop providing men with taste in treasure hunting“

  • In 1988, MacGyver was founded by Mr. Teng Yao Chang in Taichung, Taiwan. In the early years, it was a retail shop mainly for leisure, sports, outdoor products, U.S. military products... And set up a survival game team

  • In February 1990, it was officially registered in Taiwan under the name of magforce international Inc. in addition to the original project, it also increased marketing channels and chain store business. Form this year, We began to design our own military bag products and have import and export business.

  • In 1992, the company began to have the import business of high-quality products and military products, and began to have the idea of designing our own brand products.

  • In 1993 we had the first own design and development of products "Magforce chameleon goggles", since then, we began to provide series product design and get the first ODM order, to lay the foundation for future MAGFORCE brand R & D design and production.

  • In 1996, in view of the market is full of ugly shape, unrealistic and overpriced military bag products, we started to research and integrate the demand, setting brand goals and positioning. We finally started with "practical and leisure military bag" and set up a professional design center.


Philosophy "breaking through the status quo and growing through creativity"


In 1999, it officially entered the Taiwan market under the brand name of magforce, and set the brand goals and spirit which originated from“breaking through the status quo and growing through creativity“

  1. Brand designer’s insistence :
    Think aesthetically, unlimited creative, original, practical, durable, different and interesting design.

  2. Consider the needs of users :
    It provides comfort, personality and overall carrying performance. It is a functional and practical internal structure, and it is full of amazing modular loading fun

  3. Thinking from the perspective of brand management :
    There are so many competitors in the markets, if you copy the products of other companies, you can only be a shadow company even if you do it well. Only by constant innovation and respect for intellectual property rights, we can have the opportunity to compete.


Expectation: Adhere to creative aesthetics, comfort and practicality and strict requirement in quality.
Products of Magforce pedigree have different styles but the same creativity.



So far, Magforce International Inc. has three brands, namely Magforce, Maxpedition and Magtusk, with more than 100 patents, more than 800 trademarks and more than 4000 well designed products providing treasure hunting for everyone, and is striving to promote it to the world.
There are visual enjoyment and traps in the virtual era, but we still insist on operating the real industry.
Here has a unique Taiwanese enthusiasm and goodness, come on! Let’s look forward to the future of Magforce.



Magforce International  Co.,Ltd.

Address: No.652, Zhongzheng Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 40443, Taiwan

Open Hours: Monday ~ Friday 9:30am ~ 18:30pm (Shop closed: Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)

TEL: 886-4-22216863
FAX: 886-4-22262226

E-mail: magforce652@gmail.com




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