01  Duraflex buckle

The only test free product of the US Army with super cold resistance, collision resistance, smooth connection and beautiful shape.


02  Military grade copper alloy snap button

Acid & Alkali resistant, non oxidize.


03  YKK zipper

Military grade silencing and mute Nylon CF/RC zipper with strong connection of the tooth which is more durable and smoother to use.


04  Surface fabric: 1050D MAG-TEX ballistic Nylon

It is high strength, abrasion-resistant, military grade ballistic Nylon, with DuPont Teflon coating on the surface repels stains, mud, water and liquids.


05  Inner fabric: 420D MAG-TEX ballistic Nylon

With the features of lightweight, softness, abrasion resistant, etc., which can protect the items in the bag and avoid scratch


06  Nylon military grade non slip webbing

It is made of ballistic Nylon by twisting and weaving, with special military non slip texture, smooth connection, non slip, abrasion resistance, high tension, high strength, no water absorption, no hydrolysis and not easy to break.


07  Para cord

US military Para cord has excellent texture, with the features of high strength and pull-resistant.





01  Ballistic Nylon

Ballistic Nylon, as it is colled, twists two strands of yarn into a thread like the spinning path of a bullet. Ballistic Nylon fabric has strong structure, abrasion resistant and tear resistant. Its strength is several times higher than that of ordinary nylon fabric. It's generally used in bulletproof vests or car tires and it can be used in bags to make high quality backpacks.


02  500D W/P

With 500D ballistic nylon fabric as the base and special technology of hot pressing PVC membrane on it. It has more delicate texture and better waterproof and anti pollution effect than general nylon fabric.


03  1200D W/P

With polyester as the base and special technology of PVC membrane, it has better waterproof and anti pollution effect than general polyester fabric.


04  Waxed Cotton

Waxed Cotton is made of cotton which can be re waxed to restore waterproof . It will show a unique mark on the waxed cotton products by different ways of use of each person. Its characteristics are environmental  friendly, natural, recoverable, unique, waterproof, windproof.  


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