For personal date protection, please read the following statement

Magforce is operated by Magforce Internation Co.,Ltd.. In order to protect personal privacy and person data protection, Magforce herby makes the following statement to explain to you the purpose, category, scope and method of use of personal data collected by Magforce, as well as the rights you can exercise. If you have any question about Magforce’s privacy statement, the following information, or personal data protection, please contact Magforce customer service center, and Magforce will reply as soon as possible.

  • Scope

    Magforce’s privacy statement and notices it contains are only applicable to the websites owned and operated by Magforce. Magforce’s website may contain many links, or good or services provided by other partners and individual store owners. For the privacy statement and notice related to personal date protection of such links, partners’ websites or on line stores of individual store owners, please refer to each link website, partner’s websites or on line store owners of individual store owners.

  • Purpose and category of personal data collection

    Magforce may collect your name, contact information (including but not limited to telephone, e-mail and address) according to the nature of each service for the purpose of providing e-commerce services, after-sales services, performing legal or contractual obligations, protecting the rights and interests of the parties and relevant stakeholders, marketing, customer management and services, and operating the business in accordance with the business registration project or the articles of association (including bit not limited to telephone, e-mail and address, etc.), data, IP address and other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify the user’s identity to complete collection or payment. In addition, in order to improve the quality of service, Magforce will record the user’s IP address according to the nature of service provided, and data such as browsing activities (including but no limited to the software and hardware used by users, selected web pages, downloaded apps…) in Magforce related sites or apps, these data are only used for traffic analysis and network behavior investigation, so as to improve the service quality of Magforce related sites or apps, and will not be connected with specific individuals.

  • Use of personal data

    Personal data, consumption and transaction data collected by Magforce that can identify the user’s identity, or other personal data provided with your consent in the future, are only used by Magforce to process and use them internally, for the purpose of collection or for the purpose of completing the provision of services of performing contractual obligations, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or competent authorities (including but not limited to laws and regulations otherwise, Magforce will not provide personal data that can identify the user to third party (including domestic and overseas), or use it for other purpose than collection. Magforce will keep, process and use the relevant data continuously. Within the scope of the above collection purpose, the store will provide the collected personal data to the cooperative manufactures (including but not limited to 91app, home delivery carrier or other providers of this service) to assist in the completion or termination of the transaction. If Magforce chooses to pay by credit card, it is only for the use of the credit card holder himself, and can hand it in E-data shall note to the issuing bank, the acquiere and the card holder to confirm whether it is true, and the payment procedure shall be completed after checking. The personal data obtained according to the above collection purpose may be transferred to places outside your country or region for preservation or processing, and your information will be transferred to overseas countries only when it complies with the personal data protection law.

  • Data security

    Magforce will maintain the security of Magforce’s personal data with standard technologies and procedures

  • The rights of data parties

    The data parties may request to inquire, read or duplicate your personal data. If your personal data is changed or found to be incorrect, you can ask Magforce for modification or correction; if the data you provide is wrong or missing, it will not be protected by this privacy statement. When the purpose of collection personal data disappears or the time limit expires, it is required to delete, stop processing or use personal data. However, it is not limited to those necessary for Magforce to perform its duties or business. Due to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), users in EU countries will suspend the use of Magforce services. If you have any question, please contact Magforce customer service center.

  • Cookie

    For the convenience of users, the Magforce website may read the cookie data stored in user’s computer. Users can cancel or restrict this function through the settings of the browser, but may not be able to use some website functions. If you want to know how to cancel or restrict this function, please contact the Magforce customer service center.

  • Google AD Analyics

    This service has installed the advertising analysis function of Google AD analytics. This function is only used to provide Magforce to analyze the advertising effectiveness and optimize the use process. If you want to disable the function of Google AD Analyics, we suggest that you can refer to the way that google does “not disclose information” to disable this function.

  • Effect

  • If you are not willing to provide the relevant personal data required by each service or transaction to Magforce, and agree that Magforce shall collect process, utilize and transmit the relevant personal data in accordance with the laws and regulations of such personal data, and this privacy statement and its relevant information, Magforce will respect your decision, but according to the nature or conditions of each service, you may not be able to use the service or complete the related transaction. Magforce also reserves the right to agree to provide such related service or complete the related transaction.

  • Right to amend

    Magforce has the right to revise this privacy statement and related notics at any time, and publish them on Magforce website after revision. You can read the revised privacy statement and related notices on Magforce website at any time without any individual notice.

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