Brand Story


” Magforce ”

Leisure outdoor products and military products have become the symbol of men's taste. Our brand develops its own personal accessories full of powerful style. The creativity of our brand has become the professional brand of the products which shows the handsome, heroic, professional and practical appearance having unique style in the new generation. The establishment of entity concept creative center presents the tough and detail of the products completely. Users can be practical feel the extreme of real materials. We are striving to expand the design of Magforce to the world.


 Magforce trinity mission

01 The original spirit of designer

Creativity, interest, functionality and quality all come from the thoughtful of professional designer. The originality of the brand enhances its uniqueness and perceptual level. It's all ingenuity.

02 User's consideration

Comfortable, durable, beautiful, versatile... To meet the needs of users is also one of the sources of inspiration for Mr. Teng Yao Chang. In order to present a complete brand style and more close to the needs of users, from the product to the display space planning, you can experience zero distance everywhere, full of unique style and interest, which is worthy of visiting by players

03 The demeanor of brand manager

Mr. Teng Yao Chang’s insistence on the brand has not stopped. It is a kind of enthusiasm, persistence and stubbornness. Magforce emphasizes that made in Taiwan and strictly selects materials, which means to promote domestic products to the global, and to have in-depth communication and services with users around the world. The glory of the brand comes from being loved and respected, which is our unremitting power. Please look forward to a more diversified magforce with us!



Experience the world with MAGFORCE

Magforce not only insists on creative design, exquisite seam quality and high-quality materials, but also has a very detailed and practical internal space under its strong and tough appearance, and comfortable carrying system. What's more, it's fully modular carrying design, which can be combined and matched with you, carrying equipment and equipment required by different conditions, no matter you are a city ranger or outdoor player. Ideal for leisure, hiking, mountaineering, travel or adventure. Also suitable for office worker or a student. Magforce is perfect for your needs to be unique.

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