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■ Caution

1、Do not expose your backpack to the sun.
2、Do not close to the fire source, high temperature place, hot gas or put in a place with high acid and alkali.
3、After use on rainy days, wipe clean as soon as possible and placed it in ventilated place to dry to avoid damp moldy.
4、After using the backpack, should remove the dirt first, let it dry and placed in a ventilated cool and dry place.
5、If it is not used for a long time, please wipe clean the inside and outside. Let dry, put it in a ventilated cool and dry place without squeezing.


■ Cleaning and washing

Treatment of dust or oil stains
 A、Dusts on surface: recommended to brush the dust first and then wipe with a slightly wet soft cloth
 B、Slightly oil stains: recommended that a soft cloth with a neutral detergent or dish detergent wipe and then clean with a soft cloth dampened with water. Dry by clean cloth and place in a ventilated place to dry it. 。

2、Treatment of mold

   Use 40-degree warm water, soak with neutral detergent for 10 minutes before regular treatment

3、Remove pen stains

   Use 95% alcohol for local wiping (excessive wiping may cause local discoloration) and then clean with a soft cloth dampened with water.



Cleaning and maintenance methods and precautions of waxed cotton

■ Cleaning
Use a soft brush to gently brush the dust. If further cleaning is needed, use a sponge dipped with cold water to wipe (do not use too much water). After wiping, put it in a ventilated place for natural air drying.
■ Stored
Do not place in airtight closet, or wrapped with plastic bag for storage to prevent the internal moisture from going out and mildew. It can be placed in a cool and ventilated place.
■ Maintenance
After long-term use, the wax on the waxed cotton fabric will gradually decrease. At this time, it is necessary to apply wax again to maintain its waterproof and functionality. Evenly apply the wax block to the surface and then heat it with a hair dryer or iron to let the wax penetrate into the fiber. If necessary, apply it evenly with a dry cloth.
■ Moldy treatment
If mildew is caused by storage problems, remove the mold with sponge and cold water, iron the whole bag with hair dryer or iron, ventilate and dry it for two days before wax it
■ Caution
Waxed cotton fabric is not available for soap cleaning, not machine wash.


■ Repair instructions
As long as it’s Magforce genuine product, no matter where you buy it, we provide most of our products with perfect after-sales repair services. For repairing, please pay attention to the following instructions:

A. Free charge
   If your products is found to be defective in material and manufacturing process within one week after purchase, we will replace it with a new product or equivalent product. If it has be cleaned or has visible dirt, we will repair it as the case may be. (please provide a proven place and date of purchase and the return freight shall be borne by our company)

B. Request repairing charge
   If the damage is caused by improper use, such as violent use, artificial damage, sharp object puncture, excessive load pulling friction, accident, etc., the cost shall be charged according to the actual situation.

C. Unable to provide repairing service:
   1. Natural failure of material: due to the use frequency and environmental factors, the internal and external water-resistant membrane of the product may peel off or produce peculiar smell, which is inevitable for the material characteristics and cannot provide repairing and guarantee services.
  2. Improper care: improper long-term extrusion, sunshine, biology, acid, stain, self-modification…, will inevitably lead to material damage and aging and cannot provide repair and warranty services.


■ Repair:
For repair, please send the problem to our e-mail:
Please send the following information in email:
1. Your name, telephone No. e-mail and address
2. Approximate date and store (store name) of the product you purchased.
3. Take photos of damaged or repaired part s of the product and point out or explain in a simple way.


After receive your e-mail, we will carry out the pre repair evaluation as soon as possible. If there is any condition B or slight condition C mentioned above, we will inform you of the repair expenses. After getting your consent, please send the product to our office, we will handle it for you immediately.


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