Magic Utility Pouch(#6902)

Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon
Weight: 155g
Size (collapsed with buckles): H165xW115xD20(mm)

▪ Removable bottom panel for accommodating axes, shovels, etc.
▪ Compatible with radios, military canteens, and 1L Nalgene bottles (9.3cm diameter).
▪ Supports dual-clip and single-clip configurations while maintaining balance.
▪ Can be worn on the waist or extended for leg mounting.
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Item No.: #6902B

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Irregular shapes can also be neatly stored!

It can accommodate a variety of items such as radios, magazines, 1L water bottles, and axes.

Learn how to load an axe Click to access the page



Magic Utility Pouch

Material: 1050D MAGTEX ballistic nylon
Size: 165x115x20 (mm) when compressed, including strap
Weight: 155g





Bottom size recommendations for loaded items: W<115mm, D<90mm.
Please pay attention to the center of gravity when the height exceeds 220mm or for irregularly shaped items.

*  Please conduct practical loading for accurate results.


Front Side Part Introduction



Versatile Modular Configuration

Module Configuration 1: Dual Row Module

Using Two Clips
The common practice is to use two clips for a more secure and stable attachment.

It is recommended to use lightweight and quick-release 3" Clip-4pcs(#T9101) for this purpose.


Module Configuration 2: Single Row Module

Using One Clip
The pouch allows for a single row module configuration, using just one clip to secure it. This setup ensures that the center of gravity remains balanced without any shifts or imbalances.


Module Configuration 3: Waist Mount


Worn on the belt, it can be extended for waist mounting purposes.



Axe Loading▶  

👉Refer to the installation instructions   


  ◀ 1L Water Bottle Holding

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