Mini Gemini Sling Bag-500D Nylon(#A0901)

Size: H200xW280xD120(mm)
Material: 500D Ballistic Nylon
Origin: Taiwan

Designed with a military-inspired aesthetic.
1. Can be worn on both the front and back, offering versatility for daily and tactical use.
2. Features built-in hook-and-loop panels and a quick-access system for convenient retrieval.
3. The shoulder straps can be adjusted and switched based on your dominant hand, providing a lightweight and practical design.

Waxed Cotton series - Sold out and discontinued.
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The featured waxed cotton is sold out and discontinued. Please choose the 500D nylon material.

Mini Gemini Sling Bag with military-style aesthetic design which is lightweight and practical. It can be carried on both sides, providing daily and tactical mode use. The pockets are built-in adhesive and quick access system for organizing. The strap can be adjusted according to the user's preference.


Tactical mode

The tactical adhesive front layer provides concealment and quick access to personal items such as keys, earphones, medicines, self-defense equipment and can be attached organizers. There is a zippered pocket on the outermost layer.

The adhesive system is set in the front pocket of tactical mode, you can purchase Magforce adhesive modular organizers to organize your storage. As shown in the picture is #3561 Power Cord Organizer.


Daily use mode

Two slip pouches are inside of the front pocket. The outermost layer of the front pocket has a zippered pocket.

In daily use mode, the interior of the front pocket can also be attached the organizers. As shown in the picture is #3561 Power Cord Organizer (optional)


Main compartment
The main compartment can hold A5 books and has a zippered pocket inside.

Quick access

Both sides of the bag have pocket for quick accessing your essentials such as mobile phone, knives, flashlight or pen.


Shoulder Strap
Quick adjusting shoulder strap: pull up the para cord loop to quickly adjust the strap length.
Detachable strap can be switched according to your dominant hand.

Provides to hang MAGTUSK stainless steel accessories As shown in the picture is #T8008 MAGTUSK T2 EDC HOOK (optional)

#0901 compares with #0498 Gemini Sling Bag

#0901 Mini Gemini Sling Bag is nimbler than #0498 Gemini Sling Bag, it‘s suitable for the trips when minimal gear is needed.

The Waxed Cotton of #A0901 is sold out and discontinued.

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