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Size:H290xW220xD120(mm) Main Compartment:H180xW125xD75(mm) Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon We⋯
NT$1,470 NT$1,840
Size: H75xW50(mm)
Head circ.: 58-64cm
Size: H510xW255xD205(mm)Material: 500D Ballistic Nylon-W/PCapacity: about 25LWeight: 1490g
Size: H510xW255xD205(mm)Material: 1050D Ballistic NylonCapacity: about 25LWeight: 1530g
Size: H510xW255xD205(mm)Material: 500D Ballistic NylonCapacity: about 25LWeight: 1390g
Size: H175xW320xD110(mm)Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic NylonWeight: 570gOrigin:Taiwan
NT$1,830 NT$2,440
Size: H360xW345 mm(adjustable)Material: 1050D Ballistic NylonWeight: 410gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$1,820 NT$2,280
Material:1050D Ballistic NylonSize:H370xW350 mm(adjustable)Weight:440gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$1,870 NT$2,340
Size: H360xW330 (mm)Material: 1050D Ballistic NylonWeight: 300gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$990 NT$1,240
This fabric is antibacterial, breathable, quick-drying, and seamless.
NT$540 NT$680
This is the previous version of the Cakewalk Tactical Pants II, and some sizes may be sold out.
NT$2,310 NT$3,300
This version does not have pockets on the sides of the waist, resulting in a slimmer silhouette.The ⋯
NT$4,440 NT$7,400
This is the previous version of Bush Craft Soft Shell Jacket, currently on clearance.The material of⋯
NT$4,440 NT$7,400
This hooded jacket featuring a waterproof and breathable TPU membrane for optimal protection. The fa⋯
NT$1,960 NT$2,800
The Coolmax® Extreme fabric offers exceptional moisture-wicking and breathability properties. It is ⋯
NT$1,240 NT$1,550
NT$680 NT$850
Size: H240xW420xD100(mm)Material: 1050D Ballistic NylonWeight: 790gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$3,500 NT$4,370
The item is in good condition, but please note that there are no repair services available specifica⋯
NT$6,830 NT$9,110
The Cobra Belt (#3009) features Nylon construction with a hook & loop, providing both durability and⋯
NT$590 NT$850
Unperfecter: Some items have minor fading.Size: H114xW85xD64(mm)Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic Nyl⋯
NT$580 NT$860
This is the version without clips, not flawed.
NT$580 NT$830
Size:H205xW320xD140(mm)Material: 1050D Ballistic NylonOrigin: TaiwanIt's the interior pouch of the R⋯
NT$1,160 NT$1,450
The color of the mesh has transferred onto the overlapping plastic film, but this defect does not im⋯
NT$1,180 NT$1,680
It's the previous version, not MOLLE/PALS, not flawed.Material:1050D Ballistic NylonSize:H165xW55xD4⋯
NT$530 NT$660
Material:1000D Ballistic NylonSize:H200xW180xD40(mm)Weight:267g
NT$1,020 NT$1,270
Size: H100xW188xD45(mm)Material: 1050D MAGTEXBallistic NylonWeight: 200gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$1,500 NT$1,870
Unperfecter:The hook and loop on the interior has stained the color of the mesh fabric.
NT$900 NT$1,200
Defect area: The binding tape has minor, barely noticeable fading.
NT$690 NT$990
Size: H160xW255xD240(mm)Material: 1050D Ballistic NylonWeight: 500gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$1,730 NT$2,160
Size: H280xW410xD155(mm)Material: 1050D Ballistic NylonWeight: 995gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$3,290 NT$4,110
The color transfer from the inner mesh pocket has caused color imperfections on the interior, but it⋯
NT$3,800 NT$5,060
Size: H295xW250xD120(mm)Material: 840D MAGTEX Ballistic NylonWeight: 450gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$2,540 NT$3,170
Size: H520xW320xD180(mm)Capacity: 29LMaterial: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic NylonWeight: 1144gOrigin: Taiw⋯
NT$4,200 NT$5,250
Size: H335xW460xD150(mm)Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic NylonWeight: 940gOrigin: Taiwan
NT$3,640 NT$4,550
Limited stock available for this soon-to-be-discontinued item. It is not defective.Size: W350xH290xD⋯
NT$4,050 NT$5,060
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