Bottle Holder-L(#0323)

The MAGFORCE Bottle Holder features a padded compartment and a front pocket suitable for utensils or EDC tools. It is equipped with D-rings, hooks, and ample webbing on the exterior. Users can personalize it by purchasing a shoulder strap or clips according to their needs.

Size: 127x330(mm)
Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon
Weight: 290g
Origin: Taiwan
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Item No.: #0323B

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  1. Thick padded for protection and insulation.
  2. The front pocket is equipped with elastic bands for securing small items.
  3. It can be carried with a single shoulder strap. 👉Visit the dedicated page for the Shoulder Strap
  4. It can be compatible with MOLLE system bag.👉Visit the dedicated page for Modular Accessories


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