Maneuver Sling Bag(#0403)

The Maneuver Sling Bag (#0403) features a saddle-shaped design that provides a comfortable fit for your body. Compared to the Superma Sling Bag (#0411), it is smaller and lighter, making it ideal for lightweight everyday carry.

Size: 280x145x240(mm)
Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon
Weight: 600g
Origin: Taiwan
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Item No.: #0403F

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  • Main compartment dimensions: 8"x6.5"x3" (2.5 L)
  • The main compartment features a drawstring closure for weather protection, and there is a front pocket with a buckle-secured flap for secure storage.
  • There is one zipper pocket and one flashlight pocket on the side.
  • The flap and saddlebag feature flat zippered pockets.
  • Comes with additional metal hooks and a walkie-talkie pouch.
  • Partial areas are MOLLE compatible.


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