Travel Gear Bag-S(#0613)

Size: H350xW560xD210(mm)
Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon
Weight: 1710g
Origin: Taiwan
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Item No.: #0613B

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It is a medium-sized bag that combines well with the Molle system. 
The size is made to fit the carry-on luggage standard of 560 x 350 x 230 (mm) that can be used in everyday life. In particular, acceptable size for carry-on by FAA regulations and most airlines (check with specific airline before travelling)

In addition, the 3WAY function of the original #0608 was maintained even if the size and weight were reduced!

The Travel Gear Bag-S can be carried by hand, by shoulder strap (in 2 orientations), or by its concealable ergonomic backpack straps. Unique design, practical size and Magforce style give you charisma and strength.

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