1" SOS Strobe Light(#T9901 )

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The SOS Strobe Light keep you "seen & safe" in all conditions.
With constant on and 4 flash modes, it’s suitable for mountaineering, sports or travel.

Indispensable safety equipment for travelers, which can be used to warn vehicles in the rear and increase road safety.

In addition to the white constant on light, four other flash modes are added to be applied in different situations including SOS signal (three short and three long flicker frequencies), so that mountaineers or travelers can accurately send SOS messages in an emergency, strive for more rescue opportunities and time.


The SOS strobe light and backpack are perfectly combined. If the length of the webbing strap is not enough to be fastened, the strobe light can solve this problem.


It can be attached with 1” Mojave SRB buckle.

IPX4 Water Resistance, can use in heavy rain.

Powered by two CR1616 batteries.

The product comes with a built-in battery.

For first-time use, please remove the plastic film. After closing the lid, press and hold for 2 seconds to activate.

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