City Traveler Waistpack-M-500D Nylon(#A3313)

Size: H150xW380xD60(mm)
Material: 500D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon
Weight: 320g

■ Dual-sided design: Switch between a minimalist look and tactical functionality.
■ Automatic compression straps for efficient storage.
■ Multiple carrying options: Waist hanging, chest/back, and handheld.
■ Quick-release waist belt for easy removal.

Waxed Cotton series - Sold out and discontinued.
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The City Traveler Waistpack is available in two sizes: large (#3313) and small (#3312).

#3312 Size: 12"(W) x 4-1/2"(H) x 2-1/2"(D)  and 1.5" adjustable strap

#3313 Size: 15"(W) x 6"(H) x 2-1/2"(D) and 2" adjustable strap

Waxed Cotton series - Sold out and discontinued.


▲ City Traveler Waistpack is lightweight and practical. It can be carried on both sides for switch between two styles: simple or military. 


▲ The bag has three compartments. Outer compartment has two zippers and the inner area can be looped.


▲ One zipper pocket and two slip pockets in main pocket.


▲ Zippered pocket on the back of the bag


▲ The back zip pocket has MOLLE/PALS on the outside so it can be expanded, assembled and decorated with patches.


▲ Detachable strap with Duraflex Single Gate Keeper to use as a handbag.

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▲ This bag can be used as a chest bag, waist bag or handbag.

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