ENTOURAGE Chest Rig-500D Nylon(#A3571)

Size: H165xW230xD64(mm)
Harness expand: H370xW230(mm)
Material: 500D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon

■ It's lightweight, convenient, quick to disassemble, and modular.
■ The harness can be unfolded to store a water bladder.
■ It provides users with both aesthetics and convenience, enhancing their overall experience.
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The #A3571 ENTOURAGE Chest Rig has the characteristics of light, quick access and combinable. In order to maximize the portability and function of the chest bag, the Magforce R&D team continuously designing and improving it, different from the structure and shape of the traditional harness, combining with the mesh bag and hidden water bag straw hole, bring users more beautiful appearance and convenient functions.

#A3571 ENTOURAGE : lightweight, quick access, stabilize!


The world’s first expandable mesh harness design:

when it is folded, it is the harness, when it is unfolded, it is 2L water bag pocket. The mesh design is light weight, comfortable and ventilation.

The design of the water bag pocket increases the convenience of trekking, fishing and other outdoor activities.




Main bag of ENTOURAGE: multiple ways of use, quick conversion at will.


The front pocket is provided with elastic rope which can be tied tightly to prevent items from slipping off. The long and narrow pocket can be used to place flashlights, batons, tactical pens, etc.


Laser cut adhesive MOLLE let you show your personality and creativity of free combination of accessories.


The main bag is equipped with 2 slot pockets, 1 zipper inner bag and elastic band for small items.


Soft inside, can also adhere accessories.


The patented MOLCRO system (on the back of the bag) enables the chest bag to be an external augmentation bag or adhere as an internal organizer bag. In addition, it can also be used as a handbag, shoulder bag or waist bag.




#A3571 ENTOURAGE can attach backpack directly, instead of using harness, combine the main bag with Magforce backpack to make it more convenient to take gears and reduce the burden on the back.


How to attach it?
Remove the Quik Attach Mojave buckle on both sides of the main bag, attach it on the backpack strap and connect with the buckle of the chest bag. In order to avoid shaking, you can use the chest strap to fasten it, or you can use the Magforce #7906 IMBS Accessory Pack for combination.

Removal of the U shape buckle: press with two fingers to release the hook and ring outwards.

Removal of the Quik Attach Mojave buckle: pinch the tab inward to release from the gap in the center of the buckle.



#3571 ENTOURAGE The Chest Rig is not just a chest bag, an augmentation bag, but also can be used as a shoulder bag and waist bag. It can also be the bicycle handlebar bag if there are suitable accessories.



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