20" Bumblebee Backpack-lift up-500D W/P(#A0548B02)

Size: H500xW300xD140(mm)
Material: 500D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon-W/P
Weight: 1498g
Origin: Taiwan
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Item No.: #A0548B02

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20" Bumblebee Backpack-lift up-500D W/P(#A0548B02)

Size: 520x280x140(mm)
Material: 500D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon-W/P
Weight: 1300g
Origin: Taiwan



The surface is water-resistant, and the exterior features large areas that are both hook & loop compatible for attaching patches and modular for additional attachments.

Main Compartment

  • The main compartment is large and can be fully opened, allowing you to easily store bulky items.
  • Dual-opening zipper that allows for adjustable bag opening size and direction.
  • The interior fabric allows for flexible storage with the use of adhesive pouches for organizing.
  • The main compartment is equipped with a quick-release handle for quick bag opening.


Top Pocket

  • The exterior top pocket provides convenient storage for small items, and the ability to attach adhesive pouches inside enhances organization.
  • there is a keyring for easy organization of keys.


Second Compartment


  • Fully-opening compartment at the back of the main bag, which can be attach a hydration bladder or store a laptop.
  • The dual-opening zippers provide the flexibility to adjust the size of the bag opening.

The strap with a buckle can be used to attach a hydration bladder.


Dual-Layered Side Pockets

The side pockets have dual layers, with elastic cords inside for carrying rod-shaped items like tripods or trekking poles. The outer layer has a drawstring closure for storing water bottles or foldable umbrellas.



Paracord for Binding on the top

Temporary Fastening for Items like Jacket and Raincoat.


Comfortable Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped and padded for comfort. They come with a chest buckle to prevent slipping.

At the junction of the shoulder straps, there is a slot where you can temporarily secure a flashlight.


Bottom Compression Straps

The bottom features straps with buckles, allowing for quick binding and releasing of additional attachments.




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