City Traveler Waistpack-S-500D W/P(#A3312B02)

Size: H115xW305xD60(mm)
Material: 500D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon-W/P
Weight: 265g

■ Dual-sided design: Switch between a minimalist look and tactical functionality.
■ Automatic compression straps for efficient storage.
■ Multiple carrying options: Waist hanging, chest/back, and handheld.
■ Quick-release waist belt for easy removal.

Waxed Cotton series - Sold out and discontinued.
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Item No.: #A3312B02

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The City Traveler Waistpack is available in two sizes: large (#3313) and small (#3312).

#3312 Size: 12"(W) x 4-1/2"(H) x 2-1/2"(D)  and 1.5" adjustable strap

#3313 Size: 15"(W) x 6"(H) x 2-1/2"(D) and 2" adjustable strap

Waxed Cotton series - Sold out and discontinued.


City Traveler Waistpack is lightweight and practical. It can be carried on both sides for switch between two styles: simple or military. 

          ▲The new version features a vibrant and yellow logo.



The exterior has dual zippers and a hook-and-loop panel for patches. Interior can attach hook organizer and includes a key hook.



There is a zipper flat pocket with a MOLLE/PALS panal outside, which can be expanded, assembled and decorated with patches or accessories.

Main Compartment

Includes 1 zipper pocket and 2 pouches for storage. The other side can be used to assemble the hook-and-loop organizers.

▼ Photograph showing the hook & loop organizer on the felt adhesive surface inside the main compartment.


The handle with compression and MOLLE capabilities.

The large handle serves as both a waist belt loop and features two layers of webbing for attaching 1.5" and 1" buckles.

Tightening the waist belt allows for compressing the bag, reducing the movement of contents during activities.

Quick-adjust strap 

It can be easily adjusted with one hand and features a loop for attaching the MAGTUSK EDC Hook.

Detachable Strap 

To accommodate dual-sided use and individual preferences, you can release the Druaflex Single Gate Keeper to detach the waist belt and change its direction.

▲ Procedure for detaching the Druaflex Single Gate Keeper: Pinch the U-shaped hook in the middle with your fingers and push it to release the loop.


Multiple carrying modes

This bag can be used as a chest bag, waist bag or handbag.

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