Super Sniper Backpack(#0515)

"Recommended Tactical Backpack/Military-grade Backpack 👍"
The #0515 backpack, known for its appearances in classic movies, offers high-quality materials and a multi-tiered storage system, creating a stylish and rugged travel companion for you!

1. High-quality materials, reinforced stitching and rugged construction for long-lasting durability
2. Multiple internal and external pockets for efficient organization
3. Adjustable compression straps to secure and stabilize the backpack.
4. External Attachment Points: MOLLE/PLAS or webbing for attaching additional gear or accessories.
5. Features a removable chest strap and hip belt for added comfort and support.

Material: 1050D MAGTEX Ballistic Nylon
Size: H500xW250xD260(mm)
Capacity: 32 L
Weight: 1,600g
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Item No.: #0515B

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The backpack features an accordion-like design that allows for compressing the pack body using side straps.

The image displays the 500D Nylon material.

Well-organized internal storage:
1050D Nylon: Thick and rigid
500D Nylon: Lightweight, multiple hook&loop areas

The image displays the 500D Nylon material.



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