IMBS 20" Pioneer Backpack-Waxed Cotton(#W7102)

Size: H510xW255xD150(mm) / 20x10x6(inch)
Material: Waxed Cotton
Weight: 1080g
Origin: Taiwan

■ Combines the advantages of top-loading and front-loading designs
■ Dual zipper main compartment with quick-access handles
■ Slim and streamlined profile
■ Dual top and bottom carrying handles (#7101 does not have a bottom handle)
■ Luggage trolley sleeve for convenient attachment to a suitcase handle
■ Compatible with modular accessory attachments
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Item No.: #W7102B

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Multiple assembly options:

● Quickly insert MAGFORCE IMBS Belt.
● Compatible with IMBS Panoply Shoulder Strap(#7808)
● Compatible with MOLLE/PALS accessories.

Adding the IMBS NOMAD BELT (#A7863)
enhances comfort and stability.


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Assembling the IMBS Panoply Shoulder Strap and auxiliary pouches.


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Multiple mounting options are available.
By utilizing the attachment points on the backpack,
you can expand the external capacity.


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